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Enablement Manifesto

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A playground to solve complex problem together and make this

world a better place to live!

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Day Zero: A Pivotal Realization

On 26th May 2023, we call that day "Day Zero", the day that made us realize life is not going to be the same anymore.

After seeing our prototype design, he suggested, "This is not sales enablement; this is enablement and it ought to be open source." The CTO of Zerodha, Mr. Kailash, an efficient enabler in the Indian tech ecosystem, made us think beyond sales enablement. Especially by emphasizing the beauty of open source, we understood we are going to solve some of the most complex problems humanity is facing not only by enabling B2B organizations but also communities, educational institutions, government institutions and families.

The Ghosts of History: From Adam Smith to Modern SaaS

We discovered the existence of the knowledge management market with a whopping $290 billion spent on one of the negative externalities created by SaaS tools. (The market continues to build upon these externalities.)

To understand the root of these developments, we journeyed back to the year 1700. Several innovations converged, giving rise to the first industrial revolution. The concept of “Division of Labour”, introduced by Adam Smith, "enabled" entrepreneurs to take advantage of human workers, resulting in increased mass production and promoting consumerism. This very concept, which boosted production capacities, eventually influenced software design principles. Modern tools like SaaS are reminiscent of this division, categorizing tasks and sometimes siloing processes

Such a division is mirrored in software design. The way ERP and CRM systems were developed, they often compartmentalized tasks and made collaboration more challenging. This design ideology led to a decline in collaboration, decision-making capabilities, and enjoyment in the work of knowledge workers. The shadows of this past approach still loom large over our digital revolution.

The Human System's Challenge.

Within organizations, when the human system is heavily laden with point solutions (SaaS tools), they do not empower individuals to make decisions. Instead, these tools increase biases in decisions, leading to externalities that affect the next generation. One chilling externality is that 10,000 kids die from hunger every day, a consequence of the collective decisions society makes.

(A Personal Realization: The Universality of Pain - A realization. If our kids, were crying and dying in front of us from hunger — in spiritually, whether we call this reality a dream or not, they would experience the pain. We firmly believe that the pain we experience in a dream state or reality does not differ. It feels the same.)

Engelbart's Vision: Technology as an Elevator

Doug Engelbart, often referred to as the "Father of the mouse", had a vision: to create an enlightened society. Meeting him and understanding this vision was a revelation. For those unfamiliar, Engelbart's innovations paved the way for a revolution on how we interact with knowledge in a computer. His vision was not just about technology but about harnessing it to elevate society. As we understood his aspirations, we began to question our own role. Were we the medium to manifest his vision in a world where challenges and complexities are increasing at an alarming rate?

“enlightening society”

Doug Englebert

The Evolutionary Race: Humans vs. Tools

In today's world, the human system might be evolving faster but still lags behind the tool system. We have reached a point where ML models, trained with biased data get commoditized in coming days and combined with SaaS tools this will amplify the tool system to evolve exponentially, potentially leading to highly imbalanced systems and jeopardizing our planet.

Re-ignition: Crafting the Playground of Enablement

However, we can be torchbearers once again, reigniting the innovative spirit in humanity. With this inspiration, we began crafting the,

playground of Enablement,

Extending natural ability of a humans to solve complex problem by giving the capability to harness collective intelliegence.

It's reminiscent of the playground we enjoyed most in our childhood, facing challenges with friends. Back then, cognition was like a mosaic, a collective intelligence of everyone. Everyone felt like a superhero.

Building “Present”: The Human-Tool System

When we met an year back, embarked on several tasks we never imagined we would undertake. It felt like we are becoming superheros all over again. The guidance of some exceptional individuals, combined with our collective learning, fortified our conviction. We set out to create a "human-tool system" that would catalyze a harmonious co-evolution, birthing superheroes

Enablement OS: The New Paradigm

The "human-tool system", known as the Enablement OS, aims to foster convergence and introduce cognitive ergonomics in every interaction of knowledge workers that will,

  • Standardize high-quality decision-making.
  • Make innovation the new normal.
  • Enhance nth-order thinking capability to produce positive externalities.
  • Revive the sense of fun and adventure, much like a true playground.
  • Build a connected community, reigniting a collective consciousness for our planet.



This is not the end....

Join the Evolution and let's make this manifesto ever-evolving!